Welcome to 2BARQUACK.COM!

This is 2BARQUACK.COM, a fully responsive HTML5 Portfolio of my Freelance work. I work for 2BARDESIGNS.COM as the head web developer and owner of the company. This site is an html5 based website that will work not only on your computer, but also on tablet and mobile phone. Depending on how you view my site, it will stretch to the right size, pretty cool huh?

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Who am I?

what this website is supposed to be about?

I have been doing web design and development since I was 13 years old. It started off using Geocites, a web host that is no longer around. My intentions with 2BARQUACK.COM is to show you my skill set and what I personally bring to the table as a web designer and developer. See this as a portfolio of my work and show you who I am as a professional web designer and developer.

  • Web Development and Design

    I am able to code in multiple different programming languages. This website is going to provide examples of clients websites that I have built over the years.

  • Graphic Design

    Over the last 3 years, I have been teaching myself cutting edge graphic design methods to improve upon my web design. You can see a lot of those examples at my deviantart page.

  • Computer Troubleshooting

    Another one of my amazing talents is that I'm very good at fixing computers. If you need your computer reformatted or just looked at due to slow issues, I'm the guy who will fix it for you!

what am I able to offer you?

Social Media Marketing and Promoting

Since 2008, I have been involved in doing social media marketing for a rapper known as Tech N9ne. His label Strange Music is a company that I been promoting by social media and street promotions for several years. We use social networks to promote music artists and music concerts.

Also since 2008, I have worked on a social media website called Divorce 2 Dating, which I have helped not only build but maintain an online presence with them as well for their clients. Divorce 2 Dating is an online social website itself for divorced people.

Over the years, I have learned how to tie multiple social networks together so if you want to post one social network, I can make it so it appears on all your social networks.